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Newton Equestrian Terms and Conditions

Horse riding is a risk sport and riding at any standard has inherent risk. Although we take great care to ensure that all of our horses and ponies are safe and reliable, they are animals with freewill and may occasionally act unpredictably. As a rider, you must accept that you ride at your own risk.

You must accept any instructions given to you by staff and instructors at Newton, they are given for your safety. Please see our ‘Code of Conduct’ further down this page for behavioural expectations whilst out riding.

We rely on our customers to provide correct and honest information on their weight, height and riding ability in order for appropriate assignment of a horse. Newton reserves the right to refuse a rider if they incorrectly declare their weight and height. To maintain a high standard of horse welfare, we impose an upper weight limit of sixteen stone. If no appropriate horse is available then no refund will be provided.

Newton also reserve the right to refuse a rider if, during our assessment session, we assess that you are not at the ability you declared whilst booking. No refund will be provided in this instance. Newton endeavour to provide you with an appropriate horse, if you are unsatisfied with the horse allocated to you, you may request a change subject to availability. If we deem there are no appropriate horses to suit your needs, then no refund will be provided.

Bookings are taken on the honesty of riders that they present no physical impediment or disability which could prejudice their safety on horseback. We are happy to recommend an appropriate stables that caters for such extra needs.

Customers must understand that Newton can refuse your request to ride for safety and operational reasons.

Newton will not be responsible for any loss and/or damage of personal items during rides or around the yard.

Cancellation Policy 

At Newton we run a 24-hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations made outside of the 24 hour window will not be refunded.

Rides and lessons are very rarely cancelled due to inclement weather. Payment for rides will not be refunded if you choose not to ride due to the weather. If Newton so deems it unsuitable or unsafe to proceed with the ride, customers will be refunded. Please bring suitable clothing for the weather.


You must arrive 20 minutes prior to your ride time, this allows for mounting up and assessment. If you arrive late, the length of your ride will be reduced appropriately, or if the ride has to leave without you, no refund will be provided.


Hard hats (to current British Horse Society requirements) must be worn. Hard hats can be provided by Newton free of charge but subject to availability. If possible, regular riders are expected to provide their own hats.

Body protectors can be provided, at an extra charge of £5.

Jodhpurs or stretch trousers are recommended.

Appropriate footwear must be worn, this includes a smooth sole and a defined heel. Trainers and high heels will not be permitted.

Clothing appropriate to the weather is recommended.

Jewellery, including piercings, should not be worn.

There is a possibility that if you arrive inappropriately dressed, Newton may reserve the right to refuse your ability to ride and no refund will be provided.

Code of conduct – beach rides

Once you arrive on the beach a full briefing will take place and the Ride Escort will give instructions on exactly what they require you to do.

All riders must stay in single file at all times. No separating from the group will be tolerated. There is strictly no racing or galloping.

You must stay away from the sea, unless instructed to do otherwise by the Ride Escort.

You reserve the right to not trot or canter on the beach.

If the instructions, and the above rules, are not obeyed, you will be asked to dismount and the ride will leave the beach.

Newton reserves the right not to trot or canter on the beach, if they so deem it unsafe on arrival.

Code of conduct – lessons

All instructions given by your instructor should be followed.

You reserve the right not to partake in certain parts of the lesson, for example jumping. Your instructor and Newton also reserve the right to refuse you to take part in parts of the lesson, if they so deem it inappropriate or unsafe.


Newton operate a no smoking policy. Smoking in any part of the yard will not be tolerated and you may be asked to leave.

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