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Newton Pony Club 2018 Badge Schedule

All badges will run for 3 weeks, with the Badge Test being on the 3rd week

  • January badge: Security Awareness
  • February badge: Lunging Equipment
  • March badge: Beach Riding
  • April badge: Worm Control
  • May badge: Fire Safety
  • June badge: Road Rider
  • July badge: Sequence of Footfalls
  • August badge: Camp
  • September badge: Fitness
  • October badge: Understanding Training
  • November badge: Fundraising
  • December badge: Pet sense

Newton Pony Club 2018 Mini Badges

We also offer ‘Mini badges’ which are for younger children. These are not as challenging as the main badges, but still provide a sense of achievement – and a badge!

Available badges:

  • Beach riding
  • Birds
  • Camp
  • Care of the foot
  • Colours and markings
  • Farming
  • Feeding your pony
  • Field safety
  • Fire safety
  • Grooming
  • Horse clothing
  • Parts of the pony
  • Poisonous plants
  • Pony behaviour
  • Road rider
  • Points of tack
  • Sequence of footfalls
  • Dogs
  • Yard safety

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