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Newton Pony Club 2019 Badge Schedule

All badges will run for 3 weeks, with the Badge Test being on the 3rd week

  • January badge: Intro to Show-jumping badge
  • February badge: Intro to Mounted Games
  • March badge: Dressage Arena’s
  • April badge: Intro to Tetrathlon
  • May badge: Equipment Safety
  • June badge: Saddlery
  • July badge: Perfect Paddock
  • August badge: Field Safety
  • September badge: Intro to Eventing
  • October badge: Road Rider
  • November badge: Grooming
  • December badge: Intro to Dressage

Newton Pony Club 2019 Mini Achievement Badges

We also offer ‘Mini badges’ which are for younger children. These are not as challenging as the main badges, but still provide a sense of achievement – and a badge!

Available badges:

  • Beach riding
  • Birds
  • Camp
  • Care of the foot
  • Colours and markings
  • Farming
  • Feeding your pony
  • Field safety
  • Fire safety
  • Grooming
  • Horse clothing
  • Parts of the pony
  • Poisonous plants
  • Pony behaviour
  • Road rider
  • Points of tack
  • Sequence of footfalls
  • Dogs
  • Yard safety

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